Tasting Design is an ever-growing collective of designers, chefs, photographers, illustrators and gastronomy lovers, that aim to explore the infinite visual potential of food. Our trans-disciplinary collaborative movement set out to create visual gastronomy, in an effort to curate and produce a collection of original, expressive and emotional food-inspired visual explorations.


We believe in food as a unifying element, that leaps over cultural influences and individual taste, bridging different people anywhere. We are passionate about every single aspect of gastronomy and eating, from the delicate stimulation of the senses to its ability to feed the body and inspire the mind. We seek to share novel food perspectives using positive visual approaches. We work to trigger a smile and provoke reflection, using food as a groundwork. We want to share our love for tasting everything. We are motivated by the relentless pursuit of new ways of savouring the seemingly insignificant things that amount to the happy moments of life.