A letter from our first intern
Leonor has been the first addition to our team, a curious mind that broadened our perspectives and grown into our hearts.

Two hundred and fourteen coffees and more than thirty projects later, my first year at Tasting Design is over. The first nine months spent at Tasting were as an intern. Now, I’m a Junior Graphic Designer, and it has been a wild ride.

As I was just fresh out of college, this was my first proper work-world experience. And as a creative person, I always dreaded working in an office from nine to six, so I consider myself lucky for having found a place like this one. Working at Tasting means always going to work in a good mood. I get to work in a relaxed and safe environment, where I can freely express myself. Always with a great team who I can laugh with or argue about who’s the DJ for the day.

I’m grateful for all the projects I got to be a part of, some being more challenging than others. Some gave me headaches and others were like being on a playground all day. But all of them taught me something, whether it was technical skills, or maybe patience. Working in a design studio it’s a lot different from college – the constant pressure and the need to be creative all day, every day. But there’s something very fulfilling in seeing your work materialized in the real world. Making an impact in people’s lives.

The fact that I get to work with two incredible mentors, who have helped me grow so much this year, professionally, and as an individual, is one of the best parts. Their constant feedback and guidance were crucial to my achievements. I’m thankful for having a positive space that enhances my creativity and where I can explore new software, learn new skills and become a better designer.

So, on this note, thank you L and M and the team for a Tasting year.
I’m excited to see where this journey takes us next,


LB | Junior Designer