Get to know our Lab!
We invite you into our Lab, a space devised for creativity and ideas to keep flourishing. It provokes our team to have fun growing, getting stronger, trying new things, and evolving.

The reality of daily design work is that it tends to get monotonous. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t get done with the utmost quality and dedication or that projects aren’t interesting, but some assignments extend in time. Some tasks require repetitive actions or extensive technical work. Our brains crave novelty. But this boredom is a great thing as it allows for an urge to counteract and do something more exciting, something that feeds our hunger for exploration and boundless creativity. When let back burning, this energy and the potential for outstanding experimentations will eventually be wasted and turned into frustration.

We have a zero-waste mentality in our company, even regarding ideas. So we have decided to institute what we most crave: real projects with real constraints — for us. It allows us not only to indulge our creative appetites but to explore new techniques, test new methods or equipment, new processes, and team building. The projects turn out to be moments of sharing and relaxation, where we get to know better the people with whom we spend so much of our days.

To create without something to solve or a purpose isn’t so fun at all. Creativity thrives from problems, and constraints are a designer’s best friend. They spike us, boost our ideas, challenge our abilities and make us blossom. We have defined some directives for this to work to produce quality and meaningful outcomes:

  • We limit actual timeframes for the projects to happen, non-negotiable.
  • We have a designated outcome in mind, integrating and specifying production methods, estimated costs, logistics, and resources.
  • Food is central, with no room for waste. It has been the epicenter of our inspiration from the start, so it has symbolic relevance for us and remains remarkably inspiring.
  • It challenges and takes us somewhat away from our comfort zone.

Creativity is like a muscle. Our lab exists to keep it toned, improving the strength of ideas and mental flexibility. Check out some projects that came to light from this initiative here. Keep posted!


MLR | Creative Director