Welcome to our new digital platform!
Our Creative Director opens up a novel project, Insights, our casual journal about Creativity, Design, and some of our Projects. We invite you to take a peek and keep an eye on our social media.

Getting closer to our fifth anniversary, we decided to open up our studio to anyone that wants to take a peek. Here, we will share some of our insights on Design, Creativity, and some of our Projects, adding a casual journal to our refreshed portfolio.

Reflecting a bit on our journey since we have decided to found our company and our two brands “Flor d’Alecrim” and “Tasting Design”, it has been quite a ride. A handful of years since we got this party started, we never imagined where we would be at the moment nor what we would have been through by now, personally and professionally. As with all that adventure themselves building their own projects from scratch, there were many unforeseen walls to climb. Our path hasn’t been and probably won’t be linear; we are constantly evaluating and adjusting our course to better direct us to our vision of success. Nevertheless, through it all, we have kept our eyes on the goal.

Resilience is definitely our keyword of choice. We have refined our methods and approaches and become somewhat flexible in delivering solutions to our clients, generating long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. We are proud to assume our humanity in our businesses. We value people above all of it, our partnerships, our stories, our own challenges, and our quirkinesses. Our team has become our ever-growing family. Today we are more prepared than ever, more eager to see what is yet to come and how we can make it better, more efficient, more interesting, more functional – more us.

Along the way of building our identity as a company, we can probably resume it to three basilar dimensions: persistence, plasticity, and people. These three vectors actually fit our life in all of its dimensions, and I find them quite essential in Design and Creativity. The tinier actions and ideas can profoundly impact our society – even when addressing topics such as the ones that make our days. As designers, we work on solutions, thrive on challenges, and create opportunities for growth and change.

We want to let out a bit of what we have learned along the way, how we do things around here, and what we have understood about creativity. Perhaps someone else could benefit, even if in a small and discreet manner. After all, details are one of our favorite things. They make the Design – and our lives too.

MLR | Creative Director