Our clients get the full dessert, with a cherry on top.

We tailor our solutions to best meet our client's needs and resources, working with them from the beginning throughout all of the project phases, facing every challenge that might come with a positive solution-focused mindset.

Tasting Design® is an Atelier N8 brand.


We help you bring your brand to life, from scratch, always keeping present that with great names comes great success.


We dedicate ourselves to developing meaningful concepts that help you tell your story and share your product, with powerful logos and brand systems.


We build communication strategies to spread your brand wisely and efficiently, through physical and digital brand manifestations.


We make your words stand out from the crowd, taking on books, magazines, and leaflets as an exquisite dish for your recipes to shine on.


We create icon families to help you expose your content in a clearer, quicker and more consistent way so that no detail is left aside.


We look at your product as a precious ingredient that needs proper style and accommodation, creating solutions to better fit your needs.


We make sure your brand is present in the vast digital world, through fully customized platforms that get your product all over the world.


We are here to grow with you, in every step of the way, providing you with strategies and solutions to plan and implement your business or product. 

We are a multidisciplinary team of happy, food-loving people.

Together with our design team, we rely on a solid network of business and gastronomy consultants, from business experts to qualified chefs, assuring viability and the utmost quality to every endeavor.

We won't bite.

We are always hungry for new challenges and won't go on diet when it comes to awesome ideas. Share them with us, feel free to get in touch.

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