Junior Doctors International Meeting is an international congress organized by Hospital de Santa Maria's interns. On the occasion of the sixth edition, the organizing committee decided on renewing the event's logo and support materials, looking for a fresh visual identity that could bring to life this and next editions.

This event is organized by and directed to young medical doctors, so a dynamic and fresh identity was mandatory. Vibrant colors, clean elements, and contemporary typography helped to create a welcoming graphic universe. Based on a composed logo with a recognizable icon, this identity aimed to embrace numerous editions without compromising a versatile and professional image.

Logo, lanyard, event credentials, badges, stationery, totebag, booklet, roll-up, and Social Media templates and guidelines.

Relationships and sharing of Medical knowledge were the baselines for this identity’s development. The logo’s symbol represents a twisted stripe that insinuates the “cross” sign, which is quickly associated with health and medicine – this way expressing the connections and collaborations that allow for building a powerful Medical practice.