Sem Espinhas
Sem Espinhas is a gastronomic project that intends to promote and celebrate the products of the sea whilst recognizing the people who inherited its history and those who work on it. It has been evolving since 2017 and has become an anticipated yearly event by both locals and tourists.

Considering the need for unified but differentiated communication, we have proposed a photographic approach as a baseline for all visual materials. The focus was to depict Espinho’s fish and seafood as the raw matter that brings everything together. Specific complementary objects and products would create distinct environments, one for each of the event’s dimensions.
“Restaurant Route” has led us to particular objects used in obtaining those products from the ocean. For the “Forum” we have focused on the tools which allow us to get the best from these fresh products; “Street Lunch” is where we can taste the best of Espinho fish and seafood recipes, brought to light by the best fresh ingredients.
These photographic compositions were the base for all digital and printed materials.

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Sem Espinhas connects the various elements of the sea value chain through four different initiatives: “Restaurant Route”, “Forum”, “Street Lunch”, and “Mini-Documentaries”.